So what is writing and the environmental crisis?

I cannot give you a direct answer to this question just yet. However, throughout the course of this module I hope to document my process of understanding Ecocriticism and developing my own views about the current environmental crisis.

Sean Prentiss and Joe Wilkins define environmental writing as ‘writing that honors the connection between the natural world and human experiences’. This depicts environmental writing as a celebration of our connection with the natural world, rather than presenting it as a form to expose the critical state of the environment. The inclusion of human activity within the definition suggests that our relationship to the natural world is paramount to it’s present state. The natural world is no longer at our disposal and coexistence is now needed for survival. Environmental writing should be used to raise awareness about the consequences of our actions, promoting an activist impulse for wanting change and providing ways to do so.

In The Ecological Thought, Timothy Morton writes, ‘the ecological thought is a virus that infects all other areas of thinking’. I look forward to seeing if this rings true as my knowledge of the subject progresses throughout the year.

Pollution solution: Educate yourself first.



Morton, Timothy, The Ecological Thought, (London: Harvard University Press, 2012) p. 2.

Sean Prentiss, Joe Wilkins, Environmental and Nature Writing: A Writer’s Guide and Anthology, (London: Bloomsbury, 2017) p. 8.

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